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Myotonic or fainting goats, do not actually faint. Instead they lock up, which is caused by a hereditary condition called myotonia congenita. Their fainting ability stops them from jumping on cars or equipment or easily getting out of fence. They are considered a meat goat although we mostly sell as registered breeding stock and pets. They are very hardy and resistant to parasites. We are often free-ranging where the goats can eat poison ivy, wild roses, Virginia Creeper, and many more invasive and pesky weeds.  

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"Little Dixie Ranch is made up of a mother, daughter team that are very knowledgeable, helpful, and caring about their goats. We bought 3 bred does from their farm and Krystle and Debbie were so great to work with! Not only could Krystle tell us the history of each of the goats we were buying prior to us arriving, she also took time to show us around the farm and see the bucks when we arrived. The level of care and knowledge these ladies have shines through in the quality of the goats at Little Dixie Ranch."

~ Annie K.

April 15th, 2021

"We purchased two bucklings from Little Dixie Ranch. The weather was rainy and unpleasant, we ended up stuck in the mud. They helped us get out and back on our way. I definitely recommend them. Very good and kind people, extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We would absolutely check back in the future for more available kids."

~ Becca G.

April 11th, 2021

"We just got our little doelings and throughout the entire experience they were amazing! From letting of course choose from so many beautiful babies, keeping us updated on our goats, and being so caring. They provided us so much good information as new goat owners."

~Anna and Cody H.

April 23rd, 2020


"LDR was found through Craigslist. At the time a friend and I were desperate to find goats for a team we were apart of through our church called the Equestrian Team. My friend did all the finding and research for the search of goats. She sent me a link of LDR and I went out on a limb and I'm so happy I did. Krystle's mother sent me a link to their website of all the goats they have and I fell in love!! After a plethora of questions were asked Krystle jumped in and recommended two little goats named Nova and Noelle for us. After 24 hours or less a game plan was made and I was on my way to pick up these two loveable goats. Krystle was even willing to meet closer to where I lived to drop off these goats! How awesome is that?! Once I arrived to where we decided to meet - Krystle gave me all the information and answered all the questions I asked her with a smile on her face. It was a hard goodbye since she had raised both of them by bottle feeding but she was willing to hand them over to me and for that I'm grateful. Nova and Noelle embarked on the journey to Hannibal, MO where they would live permanently. The gal who was in charge of the Equestrian Team owns a lot of land and lives on a cute farm with her own herd of animals. (Donkey, mini horse, bunnies, 4 big horses, 2 mini goats, cats and dogs!) All animals are used in some capacity for Equestrian Team. ET goes to nursing homes, special needs camps and anywhere that could benefit from animal therapy. I know the goats were a BIG hit this summer with the older folks at nursing homes.

I would recommend Little Dixie Ranch to just about anyone who was in need of a goat or two. They are raised by people who love them whole heartedly, know what they're doing and willing to work with you. I love LDR and plan on using them from now on for all my goat needs."

                              ~Natalie H.

                                January 18th, 2020


"We absolutely love our Marilyn and Juniper that we bought from Little Dixie Ranch! I am so appreciative that when the girls went into heat before I came to pick them up you allowed me to pick a buck to put them in with. It was truly exciting to go on your website, browse your handsome bucks, and select one for the girls to be with. I can't wait to see their babies this spring! Nice, helpful, honest folks to work with! Thank you Little Dixie Ranch!"

                                               ~Bonnie B.

                                             November 1st, 2019

"We bought two doelings that are in fantastic health and wonderful pets. Thank you Little Dixie Ranch!"

                                         ~Jessica R. 

                                          October 18th, 2019