Bucks that are for sale will be in a GREEN box, as well as being in the "For Sale" category.

Liberty Hills Mr. Tumnus LHM 

MGR # C4528

DOB: 01/15/2015

Eyes: Blue

Coloring: White & Light & Dark Brown

Horn Status: Horned

Sire: Faint-Hearted Ranch Moonstruck FHR

Dam: Apache Landing Smoochie LHM


Whispering Acres Rosies Sawyer WA1

MGR # D0350

DOB: 04/08/2016

Eyes: Marbled

Coloring: Red with Black & White

Horn Status: Polled

Sire: Southern Drawl Farms Amarillo FUN

Dam: Whispering Acres Rosie WA1

Rasmussen Picture.jpg

Sweet Rebel's Ranch Rassmussen

MGR # D0228

DOB: 10/04/2016

Eyes: Blue

Coloring: Black with Tan

Horn Status: Horned

Sire: Bar T Ranch Chunky Monky

Dam: Sweet Rebel's Ranch Bella